15 November 2016

ZTT Group-leading global manufacture of cable systems, has received the letter of acceptance “35kV & 220kV submarine composite cable with accessories ” from China Power Complete Equipment Co., Ltd (CPCEC), with bidding amount 298 million CNY.

CPCEC is the leaders in bidding & purchasing for China power, engoneering consulting and has been awarded many honors as “Top 10 China bidding agencies “, “Outstanding enterprise for bidding 30 years in China”, etc.

This H2#400MW offshore wind farm project is located in the costal waters which is between northern coastal of binhai and binhai port. This project has strict requirements in producing and examing equipments.

ZTT Group has been successfully selected as the only supplier for the 35kV & 220kV sumarine composite cable with accessories. ZTT would provide the 220kV three core submarine cable which has been the longest and highset level submarine cable in China. These products are expected to be deliveried in April, 2017 and would be manufactured in ZTT submarine cable factory in Jiangsu, China, which is by far the largest and most comprehensive manufacturing base for submarine cable in ASIA. It produces MV and HV submarine power or composite cable as well as submarine fiber optic cable.

To adjust to the markets all the time, ZTT has developed different submarine cables, connecting devices, the corresponding producing & examination equipments and also undertaken the developing in all three-core EHV submarine cable projects in China.

Source credit: http://www.zttcable.com/News/getNews?ID=2322

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