26 January 2017

Commissioning of Les Monts wind farm brings to 159MW capacity operated for own account by FUTUREN

Located in the Aube department, in France, on the territory of the Sainte-Maure and Saint-Benoît-sur-Seine municipalities, Les Monts wind farm comprises 4 wind turbines of 3.3 MW, for a cumulative capacity of 13.2 MW.

Construction works started in March 2016 and ended successfully as planned. Les Monts wind farm now generates green electricity, that will cover the yearly domestic electricity needs of more than 12,000 households.

This commissioning brings to 746 MW the installed capacity operated by FUTUREN, of which 374 MW are for own account.

In France, FUTUREN operates 78 wind turbines for its own account, for a cumulative installed capacity of 159 MW.

After the commissioning of the Chemin Perré wind farm in the Aube French department in October 2016, Les Monts is the second wind farm installed by FUTUREN in this department. FUTUREN is actively pursuing the completion of its project portfolio and will launch, as planned, the construction works for the 21 MW Courant-Nachamps wind project in the coming weeks, the commissioning being planned in early 2018.

Source credit: http://www.futuren-group.com/en/finance/communiques?ID=ACTUS-0-47136&CLIENT=ACTUS-0-232

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