09 January 2017

In the onshore 3 MW-plus turbine category, the G132-3.3 MW ranked fourth
Windpower Monthly has named the G126-2.5 MW the best turbine of the year in the up to 2.9 MW category. This prestigious trade journal selected Gamesa’s turbine for its combination of a 126m diameter rotor, nominal capacity of 2.5 MW and range of tower heights (84, 102 and 129 metres), enabling installation all over the world.

Windpower Monthly also flagged the fact that the G126-2.5 MW is specially designed to maximise profitability at low wind speed sites, locations it describes as of “increasing importance”.

This turbine’s prototype was installed at the firm’s R&D centre in Alaiz (Navarre) following its launch at the China Wind Power trade fair in 2015. Underpinned by technology which has been exhaustively proven and validated in Gamesa’s 2.0-2.5 MW platform, the G126-2.5 MW has been fitted with the same electric system as the G114 2.5 MW for medium-high wind speeds.

Elsewhere, Gamesa’s G132-3.3 MW turbine also ranked in the top ten of the onshore 3 MW-plus and category, specifically placing fourth. Already one year ago, the Spanish financial journal Actualidad Económica selected this turbine as one of the 100 best ideas of 2015.

This means that a Gamesa turbine has taken the gold medal in the ‘small’ turbine category for the third time. The company’s 850 kW turbine landed first place in the 2013 edition of these accolades in the up to 2.0 MW category, while G114-2.0 MW took first prize in the 2014 round.

Source credit: http://www.gamesacorp.com/en/communication/news/gamesas-g126-25-mw-named-best-turbine-of-the-year-in-the-up-to-29-mw-category-by-windpower-monthly.html?idCategoria=0&fechaDesde=&especifica=0&texto=&idSeccion=0&fechaHasta

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