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DONG Energy invites the Danes on offshore wind farm safaris once again


HavmølleThe electricity consumption of DONG Energy’s 700,000 residential customers is now covered by green power from Danish offshore wind. We are celebrating this by inviting 1,000 Danes on offshore wind farm safari, giving them the opportunity to get close to the offshore wind turbines.

Denmark’s transition to green energy is well underway and the giant offshore ‘wind power plants’ play a key role in this. DONG Energy is once again inviting the Danes offshore to experience the offshore wind turbines up close.

“Denmark is doing a really good job in terms of green energy because the Danes support it. As the largest producer of green power in Denmark, we’re happy to be part of the transition from black to green energy. In fact, we are responsible for more than half of Denmark’s reduction in CO2 emissions. Once again, we’re giving the Danes the opportunity to get close to the wind turbines and see how they work,” says Louise Hahn, Vice President of Sales B2C in DONG Energy.

Free for everyone
The offshore wind turbine safaris will take place on leased ferries from Grenaa Harbour to Anholt Offshore Wind Farm on Saturday, 17 June and from Copenhagen Harbour to Middelgrunden Offshore Wind Farm on Saturday, 24 June 2017.

On these tours, the safari guests will get really close to the ‘green power plants’. And the guests will also get the opportunity to meet some of the employees who either spend their days on the large offshore wind turbines or take part in planning and constructing them.

“Last year, we invited the Danes offshore to experience green energy, and the guests had a really good experience. All our residential customers are now receiving green power from our Danish wind farms, and once again, we’re giving them the opportunity to get out and see how it works out at sea,” says Louise Hahn.

The safaris are free of charge and open to everyone who is interested. There is a limited number of seats available, so we will draw for a total of 1,000 tickets. Registration takes place on the website www.gørdanmarkgrø (in Danish only).

Facts about the green transformation
Since the first offshore wind turbines were installed at Vindeby more than 25 years ago, Denmark has undergone a green energy revolution, which at the same time has laid the foundation for an export success. About 30,000 people are employed in the wind power industry in Denmark, and the wind power industry exports for more than DKK 50 billion.

DONG Energy has constructed 19 offshore wind farms in Europe, supplying green power to 7.5 million people. In fact, DONG Energy has installed every fourth of all offshore wind turbines across the world and is therefore a global leader in this field. In 2020, DONG Energy expects its offshore wind farms to be able to supply green energy to 17 million people.

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